Yan Sun


Professor of Political Science at CUNY · yan.sun@qc.cuny.edu

I am a professor of Political Science at CUNY Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center. This website documents my major publications.


From Empire to Nation State: Ethnic Politics in China (2020)

Cambridge University Press

“Many scholars perceive ethnic politics in China as an untouchable topic due to lack of data and contentious, even prohibitive, politics. This book fills a gap in the literature, offering a historical-political perspective on China's contemporary ethnic conflict.”

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Corruption and Market in Contemporary China (2004)

Cornell University Press

“Is corruption an inevitable part of the transition to a free-market economy? Yan Sun here examines the ways in which market reforms in the People's Republic of China have shaped corruption since 1978 and how corruption has in turn shaped those reforms.”

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The Chinese Reassessment of Socialism (1995)

Princeton University Press

“Yan Sun gathers a remarkable group of primary materials, drawn from an unusual range of sources, to present the most systematic and comprehensive study of post-Mao reappraisal of China's socialist theory and practice.”

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“Ranking Scholarly Publishers in Political Science.” PS April 2011.

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Book Chapters
  • “The Roots of China’s Ethnic Conflict.” In David Shambaugh ed., The China Reader (London and New York: Oxford University Press, 2016): 226-235.
  • “The Political of Conceptualizing Corruption in Reform China.” In Kjeld Erik Brodsgaard, ed., Critical Readings on the Chinese Communist Party (Brill, 2016): 1215-1241.
  • “Cadre Recruitment and Corruption: What Goes Wrong?” In Ting Gong and Stephen Ma eds., Preventing Corruption in Asia: Institutional Design and Policy Capacity (Routeledge, 2009).
  • “Would Democracy Remedy China’s Corruption Problem? Insights from China and India.” In Helen Lansdowne and Guoguang Wu, eds., Socialist China, Capitalist China: Social Tension and Political Transition under Economic Globalization (Routeledge, 2009)
  • “The Changing Communist Party and the Rise of China.” The Rise of China and Theories of Comparative and International Politics , Chu Yun-han et al. meds. (Taipei: 2006)

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